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Normally, the unwritten rules write that it is nice to bring a gift if you are coming to a party. But Jos and also team Global Sports Communication do not want anything, because the simple but wonderful fact that you will be present at our party is enough.

HOWEVER! We, as the Global Sports Communication team, would like to surprise Jos with a special gift. He is not supposed to know anything about this. So we hope you can keep a little secret with us. And we hope you would like to join in our plans...

In the booklet that you will receive on week before the event, or at the event, you will find a chapter about Jos written by an athletics journalist. This is a preview of our plan: a biography of Jos’ life and experiences. There are so many stories lying there, waiting to be written down! Every time Jos comes up with an old or a new story, people ask him when he is going to write it down. But every time his answer is something like “who wants to read that?!”

Well, we do! In all those years, the funny, crazy, breathtaking stories are waiting to be read and kept for the future. Jos and athletics are intertwined and very much worth a biography.

We hope that you agree with us. Would you like to join us and see the follow up of the preview? We need your support and subscription to make it happen, as a gift to Jos. You can make a pre-copy order and when the biography is published, you will be the first one to receive this special book (estimated price between 25 and 35 euro). All profits that might come from the biography will go to our charity organization Local Heroes (

You can sign in for the biography via the form at the bottom of this page.
On 5 April, we will present to Jos our plans and the start of the biography.

Till that time: please keep our secret from Jos! If you have any questions, please let us know via

Team GSC