Thank you for celebrating 30 years of athletics history with us!

Over 400 guests attended the 30th anniversary celebration of Global Sports Communication. Representatives from federations, suppliers, organizers of Track&Field and Road Race events, athletes and retired elite athletes from far and wide joined lifetime friends in a tribute to GSC and its founder Jos Hermens.

The binding theme of the day and conference was “past/present/future of the athlete”. The invited speakers talked about “Life after athletics” (Haile Gebrselassie, Ellen van Langen and Gabriela Szabo), “Supporting our talents” (Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Patrick Sang) , “the sub2hrs project” (Prof dr. Yannis Pitsiladis) and "the future of athletics" (Sebastian Coe). Tom Egbers (TV presenter Dutch Broadcasting Foundation, NOS) hosted the presentation that ran from Jos Hermens’ beginnings as a one man sports advisor to today’s dynamic GSC team. READ MORE >

  • Plenty of room for selfies
  • 'I am here to support Jos'
  • Caterine Ibarguen is also stunning in big format
  • Friends on the locker room bench
  • Haile, Ellen, Gabriela receive their life time achievement award
  • Symposium venue is filling up
  • Private affair between Coe and De Hoop Scheffer
  • Line up of all the speakers
  • GSC30 booklet for all the guests

Did you see Haile and Ellen together on a locker room bench before? A memorable 30th anniversary in pictures. SEE ALL PHOTOS >

Video impression of the event

Enjoy the highlight video of the day and the video tribute from members of the GSC team.

Langs de Lijn en omstreken
Interview NPO radio 1

This is how a radio studio looks like. Do you spot our special GSC30 booklet?

All GSC30 guests received our special booklet for the day, with quotes, pictures, life lessons and insights. Curious? Find out here.

A memorable 30th anniversary, and wishes for the proverbial 120 years of long and satisfying life. If you want to know more about us, please visit our website